Meet Bob

Bob Mayersohn is a proud parent, dedicated community advocate and a successful entrepreneur.

As a Parkland resident for 24 years Bob has a historical perspective of where we have been. Serving on the Commission since 2016 and as Vice Mayor since 2019 he has the knowledge of where we are. And while contemplating our future he has a vision that blends the unique and different perspective of our residents.

Prior to being elected, Bob had been a leader in our community for more than a decade. Serving as the Chair of the Parkland Education Advisory Board, as a member of the City of Parkland Planning and Zoning Advisory Board and President of Parkland Buddy Sports always making a positive difference for our children and families.

Most recently, Bob has been recognized for his stellar service which includes the 2020 Florida League of Cities “Home Rule Hero” award for protecting the home rule powers of Florida’s municipalities. As well as, recipient of the 2-1-1 Broward Non-Profit Excellence Award for his steady leadership, calm in the face of tragedy and support of his community.

While some make campaign promises, Bob makes things happen as he used his entrepreneurial skills to successfully collaborate with Coconut Creek to reduce the cost of a water utility surcharge to Parkland residents by 10%.

His passion is inspired by his son Garrett, a graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Florida Atlantic University who has cerebral palsy. Bob has dedicated himself to improving the lives of young people with disabilities. 

Bob and his partner Margie have a storybook romance as they rekindled their college relationship through social media channels over 10 years ago.

It has been Bob’s honor to serve this great community and hopes to continue to serve with your vote in November 2020.


In the aftermath of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Commissioner Mayersohn worked with many local, state, federal agencies, and non-profits to support the community’s needs and help it heal.When BCPS did not initially approve the City Commission’s plans to increase the number of School Resource Officers (SROs), Bob successfully advocated for the School Board to fully fund their proportionate share for the SROs during the 2019-2020 School Year. 

Leaving no stone unturned, Commissioner Mayersohn has made several legislative achievements that have made Parkland a safer, less expensive, and more sustainable place. As Commissioner, Bob led the way in lowering water bills by ten percent for residents in District 4. 

Realizing the impact of world economies, Bob worked with his staff to implement a long-term Solid Waste and Recycling Contract that is environmentally friendly and shields our residents from price increases due to the recycling market crash.

He helped improve Fire Rescue and EMS services by supporting an expansion of Fire Station 42, acquiring a new rescue unit, and installing an emergency traffic signal.  

Commissioner Mayersohn successfully took on a project that nobody before him could pass. To improve traffic flow and improve safety, Bob’s efforts extended Hillsboro Boulevard to Parkside Drive. He also worked with FPL to add additional lighting to the intersection and other areas in the city.

As a small business owner, Mayersohn strongly supported a “Buy Local” resolution which suggested that whenever possible, City staff should shop local when purchasing items for City sponsored events, programs, or activities.