Tap Into Parkland: Meet the Leader: Vice Mayor Bob Mayersohn

PARKLAND, FL- Newly appointed Vice Mayor Bob Mayersohn has been an active resident of Parkland for 23 years. Over the past two decades, Mayersohn has been involved in serving dozens of organizations and was also a founding member of Parkland Buddy Sports.

Mayersohn is a native of New York. Born in the Bronx and raised in Flushing and Spring Valley, he earned his Master’s of Science Degree in Public Communication at Syracuse University and his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University College of New York at Buffalo. He moved to Florida in 1983 and Parkland in 1996. Mayersohn is now the owner of GR Enterprises, a food brokerage firm based in Parkland. He has one son, Garrett, who is a graduate of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Florida Atlantic University.

Mayersohn has served on numerous boards and committees throughout the years. He was instrumental in the start of the very successful Parkland Buddy Sports program. Mayersohn and other parents saw the lack of athletic opportunities for children with disabilities and founded Parkland Buddy Sports. Buddy Sports has been supplying opportunities for participants and volunteers in South Florida since 2002. 

Mayersohn is heavily involved in Parkland and Broward County. Some of the roles he has held are:

  • Founding Member of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School PTSA
  • Former President (2009-2016) and current Board Member of Parkland Buddy Sports
  • Member of Broward County Children’s Services Board (2012-Present)
  • Chair of Broward County Children’s Service Board Needs Assessment Committee (2018-Present). 

Mayersohn has also served on various city boards since 2008. He served as member of the City of Parkland Planning & Zoning Advisory Board from 2008-2013, the Education Advisory Board as a member from 2013-2014 and as Chair from 2014-2016. He’s served as a City Commissioner since November 2016 and this fall was voted by his fellow Commissioners to serve as Vice Mayor. 

“I have always been involved in the city. When I learned there was an empty seat on the board, I thought it was a great way to continue my involvement by making a significant impact on the outcomes in our community.” Mayersohn shared.

Mayersohn utilizes his role as City Commissioner to work for the people of Parkland. He gladly helps in any capacity needed for positive change. For example, Mayersohn became aware that East Parkland residents were being charged a 25% non-resident surcharge in addition to their water bill. He communicated and worked with Coconut Creek Mayor and Commissioners and was able to reduce the surcharge to 15%. Mayersohn is a uniter and a doer. “We need to work collaboratively together to fix issues,” he says.

As Mayersohn looks towards the future for Parkland, he wants to improve the infrastructure, explore additional revenue opportunities and create a friendly and supportive business environment. He also desires to enhance policies, ensure residents feel safe and improve community engagement. “When we engage with residents, we build a framework that strengthens our decision process,” shared Mayersohn.

Mayersohn looks forward to serving the City of Parkland as the Vice Mayor. “I want to thank my colleagues for having the trust and confidence to appoint me as the next Vice Mayor of the City of Parkland. I am extremely grateful, honored and humbled by their support. As Vice Mayor, it will be a privilege to continue to serve the residents of our city with the same passion and commitment,” shared Mayersohn.

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